Exercise Your Right to a Criminal Defense Attorney

Exercise your right to remain silent when being questioned in the Reading, PA area

As tempting as it might be to explain why you were driving with a suspended license or had drugs in your pockets, don't give the prosecution ammunition. Exercise your right to remain silent and retain a criminal defense attorney. You'll be glad you turned to the Law Offices Of Alan B. Ziegler in Reading, PA for representation.

Our criminal defense attorney has over three decades of experience, so you can trust him to challenge your...

Assault and battery charges
Computer crime charges
Hit-and-run charges
Vandalism charges
Weapons charges
Fraud charges
Theft charges
DUI charges

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Is your child in trouble with the law?

Is your child in trouble with the law?

From traffic tickets to serious criminal charges, our juvenile law attorney has fought them all. Tell us about your child's charges and delinquency history so we can start building their defense.

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Know Your Rights

1.You have a constitutional right to remain silent and you should exercise that right. Do not talk to the police about your case unless your lawyer is with you. The police will say that things will go better for you if you talk to them but it seldom does.

2.Do not talk to friends or other people about the case involving yourself. Statements you make to third parties may be an exception to the hearsay rule and can be used against you in a criminal prosecution.

3.Be careful what you post on Facebook or other online social media. The police check what it is you post to see what is stated therein and whether it can be used in your case.