Litigate When You Can't Collaborate

3 reasons to retain a personal injury attorney in Reading, PA

When someone has wronged you or a loved one, filing a lawsuit is a good way to resolve the matter. The litigation attorney at the Law Offices Of Alan B. Ziegler will represent your best interests.

Litigation is a popular way of resolving personal injury cases, such as those involving auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, and defective products. Our personal injury attorney can help you by...

Analyzing your case from all angles
Determining who is to blame for your injuries
Negotiating for the maximum settlement amount

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Seek justice for your loved one

Seek justice for your loved one

Powers of attorney allow people to appoint loved ones as representatives who can make decisions on their behalf. If you're concerned a representative is taking advantage of your loved one's estate, then turn to our litigation attorney in Reading, PA for guidance.

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Know Your Rights

1. After an accident, the potential Defendant's insurance company often calls you by telephone to take a recorded statement from you. It is not generally in your best interests to give them a recorded statement. Consult an attorney of your choice before talking to the insurance company of the other side of your case

2. Conversely, you must cooperate with your insurance company and give them any statements that they request.

3. Often after an accident you will be released the day your go or two (2) to three (3) days afterwards from the hospital, with instruction to "see your doctor." It is very important that you follow their instruction and see your doctor, both for your medical recovery and your potential civil lawsuit.