Think of a Real Estate Attorney as a Legalese Translator

We simplify complex real estate transactions in the Reading, PA area

Real estate contracts are full of legal jargon, but a real estate attorney can explain the terms in plain English. When you're buying or selling a home in the Reading, PA area, turn to the Law Offices Of Alan B. Ziegler for legal assistance. We can review your contract with you so you know what you're getting into.

In addition to home purchases and sales, our real estate attorney helps with landlord-tenant disputes, such as those involving...

A tenant's refusal to pay rent
Confusion over a lease agreement
A landlord's failure to make repairs

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Read this before evicting a problem tenant

Read this before evicting a problem tenant

Did you know it's illegal to force a tenant out of a rental property? If you need to kick out a problem tenant, get in touch with our eviction attorney in Reading, PA. He'll walk you through the proper procedures.

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Know Your Rights

1. In a residential real estate transaction, most of the terms of the Agreement to Purchase are negotiable. Have an attorney of your choice review the Agreement to Purchase before you sign it.

2. Likewise, if a realtor is involved in your transaction, his commission is also negotiable. Have an attorney review the Listing Agreement before you sign it.