Who's an Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney in Reading, PA?

Attorney Ziegler will do his best to get you the compensation you deserve

When you're facing crippling medical debt and a long road to recovery after a work injury, it can seem like fair compensation is a dream. The workers' compensation attorney at the Law Offices Of Alan B. Ziegler can set up your case for success by negotiating with your employer and insurance provider.

We can argue for...

Disability benefits
Reimbursement for lost wages
Payment for current & ongoing medical treatment

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Get legal support during difficult times

Get legal support during difficult times

Losing a provider can put so much strain on surviving family members. If you recently lost a loved one due to a workplace accident, our wrongful death attorney can help set things right.

Your case will be in qualified hands at the Law Offices Of Alan B. Ziegler in Reading, PA. Consult our knowledgeable wrongful death attorney today.

Know Your Rights

1. Under Pennsylvania's Worker Compensation Law, you are entitled to have your medical bills paid and receive 2/3 of your salary as a Worker's Compensation benefits regardless of your negligence. In exchange for this, you have no right to collect for pain and suffering for your injuries in a Worker's Compensation case.

2. You must go to the Employer's doctor for the first 90 days from your injury for treatment. However, it may also be wise to be examined by a doctor of your choice. Often the insurance company doctors will say you are fully recovered but you do not feel you are fully recovered. Then you have a dispute and need a doctor of your choice who can treat you for your injuries and possibly testify on your behalf.